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When I book a session, all I want is the name, age, breed and sex of the pet.I don’t want any other details as I do get information from the animal before the session starts – which they give me insight in to their personality and their perspective of what is going on.



  • There are mouth issues – a soreness in her mouth on the left side – two  things (but not teeth). First is the soft sort of tissue on the bottom left side. The other is the jaw – like she’s opening to release the pressure

  • She is uncomfortable with the bit The owner’s first question for me was does she have a problem with her mouth as when she puts on her bridle,it seems to hurt the horse.



  • Is she carrying stuff for you?

  • You aren’t dealing with issues – are you frustrated, perturbed, peeved?

  • It’s like she’s shaking as she’s so mad, angry - for you!

  • She can snap so quickly

  • You are “containing” yourself as don’t want to feel or have things intrude with your peace which is not good for your soul/being

  • She’s “screaming” for you. • It is possible to be kind and gentle and have anger.

  • So acknowledge and release it.

  • You know this but have made your life one of quietness and ease but what you’re really doing is masking all the emotions so it is making you sick

  • She would like to swat you across the face to say smarten up – this isn’t  working as to pretend or ignore things doesn’t make them go away – makes it worse in affects you in different ways.

  • You need to deal with it so Angel is dealing with it for you

  • Best thing for you to do is to rectify this with writings (quieter and calmer than speaking or yelling).

  • She is really a blessing as she is helping you by expressing your anger so that you don’t get sicker than you are.


The owner’s questions were related to Angel’s meanness which was basically answered before the session started.



  • Don’t take this the wrong way but right now there is no connection between the cats and you (but this can change)

  • They feel lost, out of sorts

  • No belonging yet at this point

  • You really, really need to talk to them and feel them around you so that you connect your energy with theirs

  • Make them feel welcome in your home

  • Invite them in and let them know that this is now their home

  • Give them a reason to come out of “hiding”

  • You are giving them food, water and the necessities to live but they want more

  • Love and caring – need to share yourself with them

  • Adopting isn’t just about saving them – they need to know that they are loved, safe and so on

  • They don’t want to be “shuffled” again – meaning they’ve been sent from one place to another and they don’t want that to happen again

  • They want the opportunity to bond •

  • ***** The big question they have is: Why did you pick them?

  • They need to know they are permanent with you

  • Also, why do you not call them by name

  • They desperately, desperately, want to be loved – will take a bit of time for them to trust - that they will be kept and wanted

  • They are willing to work on it – they think you are a kind soul


After reviewing the cats information they gave me, the owner told me he had just recently adopted the two cats froma shelter and wanted to know why there wasn’t a connection with them. This was their third or fourth home that they had been taken too.



  • Interesting mixture as part strong and powerful (rotty side) and another part which is nervous & anxious/wired

  • Bit of a quandary

  • She’s really unsure of herself

  • She wants to be tough but underneath she’s just a wimp

  • She is out of balance as the two breeds are very different and hard to be in one body and personality

  • So is paranoid about being on her own

  • Instead of you treating her like a baby (as she is), you need to adjust your style of dealing with her

  • Basically it’s building her self esteem to make her more confident

  • Plus taking her out of the “terrible two’s” that she has been in and will stay in as it’s comfortable for her – sometimes  she’s good and other times, she’s not well behaved at all

  • Need to make a few changes with her

  • She needs “stricter communication” as she’s all over the place

  • Need to do several things:

    •  1. calm her

    •  2. listen – make her pay attention

    •  3. obey - she has to obey what your request is

      • This must be done with sternness. It needs to be a command (tone of voice) and brief (eg “quiet”) rather than "no barking".

Owners wanted to know how to deal with her uncontrollable behaviour – jumping, pushing in to etc. Brooklyn let me know beforehand that she didn’t want to be that way and how to deal with her.



  • He’s a little “bouncer” - light on his feet

  • A fresh slate with you – there is no harbouring resentment from prior life

  • He definitely wants to stay where he is!

  • Previously he had to be very quiet and contained – had to be reserved and not be a puppy

  • Had to hold everything in

  • 18 months is a long time for a dog so there is a bit of “residue” from his previous “managers”

  • It was not a loving family situation

  • Just one of being there when required which wasn’t often

  • They needed a dog but didn’t want one for the reason most people want dogs

  • His energy was held in – not allowed to be playful or do anything that a dog would do

  • The saying be seen and not heard for kids – but for him it was not seen and not heard

  • But he has nothing bad around him just some stuff that are experiences from before

  • Since being with you, he is more playful, more exuberant, bigger energy (not related to size), more affection

  • It was an easy transfer from him as he didn’t belong there – nothing missed when he didn’t go back

  • Just at first his own mind needed to adjust as a totally different environment – he was appreciated, loved and part of a household – a family – which was something he didn’t know

  • Even though he is well cared for and knows he is part of your life, he could always use more love and affection!  

The owners question was, what was Leroy’s life like before he came to live with them. I found out that the owner gothim from the vet as he was there because the previous owners had bought him to breed to make money and when thathadn’t happened, they wanted him put down. So, the info he gave me explains what he went through.


You have a special gift, and I am gratefulto be a recipient



  • What is an 'animal communicator'?
    You might have heard of Horse Whisperers, Pet Psychics, Animal Analysts or a variety of different terms. I prefer “Animal Communicator”, as I have the ability to get thoughts from animals which include what they think of themselves, any behavior or health issues as well as information of their “human”. This comes to me in words, pictures and feelings which I can share with their owner, so they have a better understanding of their pet. Cats, dogs and horses being the ones that I work with the most often.
  • How does it work?
    Everything on this planet has a vibrational energy, whether it is a solid item such as a desk, or what we conceive as "alive", such as a person or animal. Many individuals, such as psychics and healers, are able to use their intuitive abilities to work on these different vibrational levels to work with individuals to help with issues, illnesses and also communicate with people that have passed on. I have tapped in to and trust these intuitive skills to deal with things that are beyond the norm. I have been given this gift to communicate with animals and /or spirit guides to interpret and relay information which will answer any questions or concerns you might have about your animal / pet, or with your guides in order to understand their connection with you.
  • Is it possible to discuss more than one pet during a session?
    I will communicate with as many animals as you want get information from, understanding that the more there is, that some will be more talkative than others, so I might not get to them all. Usually a maximum of four is the best but I have done more.


To get more information and book your session with me please fill out my contact form & I will be in touch.  

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