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My client's know best!

Read their reviews below.


I learned about Dale on an Instagram post from a friend and colleague and was instantly intrigued. Dale communicated with both our cat and dog as well as my horse and what she shared with me in our session brought me to tears. The whole experience changed me plus the ways I communicate with my animals and I think about her words every day. I feel like I know my animals on a deeper level, know how much they care about me and why their behavior is a reflection of my way of being. I think all animal owners should work with Dale and lean into what they get out of a session. It is a truly incredible experience! Thank you Dale for helping me deepen my connections with Roman, Olly and Kenny!   


The session provided more insight than I expected and really did achieve what I hoped for, to be able to communicate with Daphne and Banksy and get their feedback and understand who they are at a deeper level so we can live as harmoniously as possible together. Also the feedback on myself completely supported what I deep down knew and have already started to work on improving and your practical suggestions to keep working on this are extremely welcomed and I look forward to putting them into action!


I just wanted you to know how very grateful I am for what your time with us has done for me.  Ever since our session I have felt at such peace with Ashley passing and can remember her with joy and happiness and not the tears and despair that was happening to me prior to you and our time together.  I would not have believed that I would receive such peace so quickly and have it sustain me as it has done.


It was so nice to do the video call with you! Thank you so much for the session. You truly have an amazing gift to share with the world! You’re so blessed and we can’t thank you enough for the session. Here I thought the session was going to be getting in touch with Bella’s feelings, little did I know, Bella had other plans to help me get through some of my deep rooted feelings.  She truly is an amazing little soul!  I’m so glad I found you on YouTube, that was a blessing in itself!   Again, thanks so much!! And the world is a better place with gifted people like you!!    


I am amazed at how much healing information was shared with me in our session and wanted to acknowledge you for the clarity you presented.  Your work is wonderful.  Thank you. 


Sweet Beautiful Dale ❤ Thank you so Much for your Help.  It was a great reminder to listen to the recording of the session.. Emma is Very happy for what you told me....and I Feel her more /easier...Thats a great Feeling. Thank you Dale....I am flying above the roadblocks. 


Since my Animal Communication & Spirit Guide session with you, things are incredibly better.   I now feel complete and my heart is full rather than having a void.  And I understand so much more about my dog!   


This Animal Communication session I had with Dale  was so deeply profound. It validated so much in the type of a bond I have with my dog, his knowledge of my life's experiences, his purpose of being in my life, what he wants for my growth, and on the support we have from higher levels while we are going about our lives unawares


Thank you so much for such a wonderful reading.    You are a beautiful, gifted soul. I truly appreciate every effort you put into making our reading memorable, precise, emotional, and woven with such love.  Thank you for the kindness and compassion with which you conveyed your message. You are a gifted healer.


Thank you so much, Dale. What a powerful session! I will be peeling back the layers for some time to come.  Vanessa and I have been talking about it and how much of it resonated for us individually and with regard to Luna. You have a true gift and were definitely tapped into all of our animals and surprisingly our guides too.  


Thank you for the link and thank you SOOOO very much for the session! I can’t even put into words how it felt to be able to communicate with my fur babies and to get those messages from them and from the universe. It was incredibly special and it left such a wonderful feeling in my heart. Please know that I truly appreciate you using your ability to help me and you taking the time to convey all the messages and answer all my questions. 


Hi Dale,  We were so moved by what you did for us and Lucy.  It was amazing to hear what she felt about her life before coming to live with us and know what we could do for her.  Thank you so much!!  Harvey and I are believers in what you do!  


I wanted to thank you for your incredible session.  You connected with my dogs and my heart.  I now know that we will part and it is ripping me in two but I’m so comforted knowing how they feel and that we will have even more “adventures “in our lives” together in the future.  Thank you again for letting me know their thoughts and how to deal with the tough decisions. 


Things are going much better with my dog Oso.  He still stops once in a while but there but definitely a change.   Since Oso shared with you his thoughts about us being too busy to walk him, both my dog walker and i are leaving our phones home.  She has severe PTSD and has noticed how much less anxiety she has when she isn't fussing on her phone.  Oso has more of a spring in his step. and more excitable and less sad looking. Liz said he is like a whole new dog. he also more intently looks up at me and in the eye, again unusual for him.  Anyways all positive..... don't know what it all means.... but I will stop analyzing it!


It has been almost 3 years since my first spirit guide session, and I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for bringing me into my pre-awakening. You certainly helped me to connect with my spirit guides and Inner Child, and eventually finding my true self and life purpose.  That was certainly a calling and things started to unfold and shift. I have gone through a lot of changes, so thank you for the wonderful information you provided to help me on this new path.


Thanks for the session you did for me yesterday.  Afterwards I was just exhausted but also feeling very relieved that I finally had some insight.  I did my “homework” last night and will continue to do it.   It’s pretty straightforward and actually feels like it will make a difference.  It was a wonderfully emotional experience!


Thank you so much. Loved the session, it made so much sense. Thank you so much for all you do!!!


Thank you for everything you have done for me.  It is hard to say in words how I feel about you and all you do.


In fall 2011, you did a reading for my dog Terry, when I was faced with the dilemma of euthanasia. I am still thankful for your comfort and gift at that time. My beautiful Lucy Fur, my cat for '20' years, was euthanized this week. I was more able to hear her and feel the correctness of the timing of her euthanasia and it was a beautiful passing. I'd thought of contacting you, but then felt it myself. Today, I looked you up on the internet and was remembering my Terry Boy and was delighted to see him mentioned in your testimonials. I cried. It was very comforting to see it, as I am now grieving Lucy. Perhaps Terry or Lucy led me to find it? Either way, it was helpful. I am happy to see you continue this work for the animals. Thank you for being an inspiration!


Thank you SO SO SO very much, Dale. I'm a completely different person today after talking to you. Of course, I'm still a little sad about not having him here, but I feel stronger, reassured. I can't wait to watch the video over again :)


Thank you again for an amazing reading... you and your messages from Fidget are such a comfort... working on the issues so hopefully she can pass in peace ...You’re the best!


The energy of my session with you was powerful and over whelming for me.  I was exhausted by the time we were done.  I have had time to review it and to start processing it all.


In the session with me you said some amazing things and the best advice ever from the guides that come through you. So bless you and your gift.  Gigantic hugs. 


You have a special gift, and I am grateful to be a recipient.


Thank you for your insight. He has gone to a better place.  I am sure he and Brutus (my first horse whom he knew) are kicking up their heels together...heck at each other, but all is well. You have a gift.

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