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  • What is an 'animal communicator'?
    You might have heard of Horse Whisperers, Pet Psychics, Animal Analysts or a variety of different terms. I prefer “Animal Communicator”, as I have the ability to get thoughts from animals which include what they think of themselves, any behavior or health issues as well as information of their “human”. This comes to me in words, pictures and feelings which I can share with their owner, so they have a better understanding of their pet. Cats, dogs and horses being the ones that I work with the most often.
  • How does it work?
    Everything on this planet has a vibrational energy, whether it is a solid item such as a desk, or what we conceive as "alive", such as a person or animal. Many individuals, such as psychics and healers, are able to use their intuitive abilities to work on these different vibrational levels to work with individuals to help with issues, illnesses and also communicate with people that have passed on. I have tapped in to and trust these intuitive skills to deal with things that are beyond the norm. I have been given this gift to communicate with animals and /or spirit guides to interpret and relay information which will answer any questions or concerns you might have about your animal / pet, or with your guides in order to understand their connection with you.
  • Is it possible to discuss more than one pet during a session?
    I will communicate with as many animals as you want get information from, understanding that the more there is, that some will be more talkative than others, so I might not get to them all. Usually a maximum of four is the best but I have done more.
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