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Is it possible to discuss more than one pet during a session?

I will communicate with as many animals as you want get information from, understanding that the more there is, that some will be more talkative than others, so I might not get to them all. Usually a maximum of four is the best but I have done more

Can you communicate with pets that have passed away?

Yes! I do sessions for pets that have passed on and it doesn't matter how long ago it was. The animal’s energy is still around you, so they communicate with me the same as if they were still alive.

Should I send photos of my animals?

No. The only information I want from the owner, is the name, sex and age of the animal / pet (and breed, if you know it, but that’s not necessary). I want everything I get to be from the animal’s perspective, so prefer to not have any other details, not even photos.

How long is a session?

Sessions take about an hour to hour and a half.

How do you do the sessions by phone or Skype?

As I do sessions for people around the world, I use a program called Zoom which is similar to Skype, but records the session, so that you can later download it and listen to it whenever you want to review what was shared. I pay for this program, so you don’t need to do anything other than click on a link I provide, when it is time for the session.

Can you do both an Animal Communication and Spirit Guide session together?

Absolutely. Usually when I do one for a person's pets, it will also include information about the owner so is a combination of both types. It's whatever wants to be shared as I have don’t have all the control of what is provided, rather I'm just a conduit. You will find out what's going on for you now, along with suggestions on positive change and transformation.

How does it work?

Everything on this planet has a vibrational energy, whether it is a solid item such as a desk, or what we conceive as "alive", such as a person or animal. Many individuals, such as psychics and healers, are able to use their intuitive abilities to work on these different vibrational levels to work with individuals to help with issues, illnesses and also communicate with people that have passed on. I have tapped in to and trust these intuitive skills to deal with things that are beyond the norm. I have been given this gift to communicate with animals and /or spirit guides to interpret and relay information which will answer any questions or concerns you might have about your animal / pet, or with your guides in order to understand their connection with you.

What is an “animal communicator” ?

You might have heard animal communicators referred to as Horse Whisperers, Pet Psychics, Animal Analysts or a variety of different terms. We are different than a trainer or behaviourist as they deal with teaching the animal correct habits and social skills, rather than the personality of the animal. Basically, it is a person that has the ability to communicate and get the thoughts and information to and from an animal – cats, dogs and horses being the ones that I work with the most often.

Does everyone have Spirit Guides around them?

Yes, everyone has guides that are with them all the time. It can vary for each person as to the number we have surrounding us and can even change over the years depending on what is going on in our life. Some will come and go similar to when we have friends at certain times in our lives.

How much does a session cost?

As I do sessions around the world, please contact me, so that I can give you the price in your country's currency.