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When I was younger, I always was able to come up with answers for friends with problems, but didn’t understand where this information was coming from. I delved in to the intuitive world and was told what amazing energy I had around me.

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After many years of working in the corporate world and advancing my career, I realized that many of my successes came from just going with my instincts. I was head of Western Canada for a wine company, then became Marketing Director for a production company and then for eleven years, Promotions Director and Executive Producer at a local television station. It was rather strange to have a unique ability that was so different from the business world I was involved in.


I began to trust my abilities not only in business but also with having a special talent with energy and getting information. This started me on the path to learn to open up to be a channel or conduit to communicate on different vibrational levels. I started to practice with a mentor, working on accepting and learning to accept the spirit guides energy. After several years of doing sessions for clients, I appreciated the gift I had in being able to share the information from each person’s wonderful and amazing guides.


Then a few years later, I realized that I had another intuitive gift. The author of the Tao of Equus, Linda Kohanov, came to Vancouver to do a weekend workshop on moving horses with your own power or energy, without talking or touching. During this two day course, we had to work with five horses that we had never seen before. We were instructed to go to each paddock and just look to see what signs we got to figure out which horse to chose to work with on our one on one energy work.


When we had to relate to the instructor what we got from each horse I was embarrassed as I didn’t have anything close to what the other participants had relayed to the group. They all had short notes on what they felt the horse was like and no one had direct messages from the horses like I did. When my turn came, I was reluctant to share as I thought it was a bit bizarre. Once I read through the notes from all five horses, everyone was silent as they were all so blown away by the information I had received. Linda informed me that I was one of the best horse communicators she had ever worked with.

Once I realized and accepted the gift, the information from the animals; dogs, cats and horses, just came to me. I trust that whatever I get is what they want to say and the owners are always amazed by my readings/findings. There are a lot of great responses to my readings, which include fun, laughter, sadness and joy as well as ease and comfort knowing what the pet thinks. Sometimes the information has to do with things that are happening in the household, or information that the pet needs or wants to pass along to the owner. Some of the most emotional reads are the ones where the pet is ill or old and the owner isn’t sure if it should be put down. It’s wonderful to pass along a final message or affirm what the pet wants for its life.


They want to talk and I’m fortunate to be able to communicate with them. I’m so passionate about helping express what the pets want to share with their owners, so now this is what I do full time.


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