“Thanks so much for this clarification and the previous wisdoms shared, as I find my way through this by listening to my heart.”

- Sue

“Thank you! Yes you are right, he was thanking us.  I guess I was the one fighting to the end!  Many thanks for all your time in helping me with this process.”

- Ashe

Dale McCarthy Spirit Guide

“Thanks so much for coming to see Tony on Friday. I really got a lot out of it and have been taking his advice (through you) to be very communicative with him and trying to be more authoritarian with him. He is still a bit pushy when it comes to meeting other dogs while he is on the leash but is slightly better. Meanwhile thank you so much for coming. I found it all most enlightening and will be listening to the tape with our daughter this weekend."

- Doreen

“Thanks for all your session yesterday.  I came home and was just exhausted but also feeling very relieved that I finally had some insight.  I did my "homework" last night and will continue to do it. It's pretty straight forward and actually feels like it will make a difference.  It was a wonderfully emotional experience!”

- Samishka

Dale McCarthy Animal Communicator

“Thank you, Dale.  I felt a little out of it for a while, but felt a lot calmer afterwards.  I did some work on myself and had a great sleep.  I am more aware of energies around me now.  It feels great.  I’ve added you to my list of blessings that I do at night.”

- Lynn

“Thank you for your insight. He has gone to a better place.  I am sure he and Brutus (my first horse whom he knew) are kicking up their heels together...heck at each other, but all is well. You have a gift.”

- Julie

“I just want to say thank you again.  It was a delightful experience listening to my soul and spirit through your mind and body. I truly appreciate your work.”

- Kathy

“You have a special gift, and I am grateful to be a recipient.”

- Linda-Anne

“Thank you so much Dale. I really enjoyed our session. You really do offer insight and comfort.”

- Deb

”Your reading and writings have certainly offered me the gift of knowing that my intuition with my horse is on track. Thank you!”

- Lori

“It made me burst into tears with relief that we were truly doing the right thing at the right time and I shared this information with my children.”

- Lisa

“Thanks so much Dale, I got a lot of peace in my heart from your help.”

- Suzanne